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Looking for information on Lot Sizes in Oklahoma County, OK

  • 07/22/2016 1:57 PM
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    Hi, I am looking for some information regarding legal description and/or updated legal descriptions for Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.  My family owns in various parts of Oklahoma City which are made up of Subdivisions, Blocks, and Lots.  The information I am after is the exact acreage of the various lots we own.  For example, we own in the College Park Addition to Oklahoma City, Block 3, Lot 17 & 18.  I would love to know what the sizes are of Lot 17 and 18.  Unfortunately, this information is missing from our deeds... Boo.....

    So my first question is: How would I find out the lot sizes?

    I have gone to the BLM GLO records, and since my deeds are not presented in a Section, Township, and Range formation, I wasn't having any luck there.  I have also been looking at other free websites to see if I could extract this information.  No luck. 

    So here is my second question: Are these descriptions considered old and would I be able to update them to a more current and modern form?

  • 07/25/2016 8:40 AM
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    The only way to determine exact lot size is to obtain a copy of the plat map of that specific addition.  These plats have usually been recorded at some point in time.


    An off hand guess would be 50 feet by 75 or 100 feet.  At the smaller you have a little over 8 tenths of an acre. ( 50 X 75 = 3,750 sq. feet divided by 43,560 (sq. feet in an acre) = .086088).