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Certified Mineral Manager (CMM)

How Do I Recertify?


  1. Submit Recertification form (see Toolkit) 
  2. Pay fee
  3. Meet the Educational Credits requirement 
  4. Meet the the Ethics Credit requirement


  • Application for recertification must be made every five (5) years. Such application must establish that candidate continues to meet the criteria to maintain CMM status for their appropriate level.

  • Approximately 120 days prior to the annual NARO National Convention, Recertification Notices will be sent to CMMs needing to recertify noting the forthcoming anniversary date of initial certification, displaying education credits submitted and education credits needing to be fulfilled if any. Each CMM must complete the letter, submit any requisite credit hours, the Recertification Notice and any applicable fees and return it to the CMM Certification Committee within thirty days prior to their anniversary date.

  • All CMM’s must complete the requisite number of Education Credits for recertification within the prescribed five-year period for recertification. Education Credits must be earned during the current certification period. Previously earned credits cannot be carried over into a new period.  Associate Level CMM’s must accumulate a minimum of fifteen (15) of NARO-sponsored Education Credits to include one (1) Education Credit in Ethics.
    Professional Level CMM’s must accumulate a minimum of thirty (30) Education Credits to include one (1) Education Credit in Ethics. Fifteen (15) of the Education Credits must be from NARO sponsored programs. c.
    The Emeritus Level No Education Credits are needed.
  • The Recertification Fee is $100 for CMM Professionals and $50 for CMM Associates. 

CMM: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CMM Program?

The CMM (Certified Minerals Manager) Program is an educational self-study course exclusively through the NARO Foundation designed to increase your knowledge of minerals management. The CMM Program has two levels:

Associate Level - Associate Level Certification is designed for the individual who wishes to increase his/her base of knowledge in managing personal or family mineral properties. The individual may not receive monetary compensation except for managing personal or family mineral interests.  If they receive outside compensation for mineral management, they need to register at the Professional Level. 

Professional Level - Professional Level Certification is designed for the individual  who is currently, or plans to be involved in any aspect of managing, administration or development of oil and gas properties. Trust officers, landmen and attorneys can benefit from this level. Professional Level CMMs may use the CMM designation after their name in signatures, business cards, etc. 

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What is required to enroll in the CMM Program?

For either level, you must

  1. Be a NARO member in good standing. If you are not sure of your membership status you may call 918-794-1660 or send an email to 
  2. Submit a registration form and payment. 
CMM Program Registration Form (Professional Level)

CMM Program Registration Form (Associate Level) 

What is required to complete the Program?

There are three exams affiliated with each level of the Program. You must obtain a passing grade for all three exams in order to complete the Program. You must also accumulate the required number of Education Credits (ECs) for your chosen level of the Program, including one (1) Ethics Credit.

Associate Level - Pass Exams I,II,III and earn 20 ECs including an Ethics credit

Professional Level - Pass Exams I,II,III and earn 50 ECs including an Ethics credit

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How do I accumulate Education Credit (EC) hours?

Associate Level

Attend NARO sponsored events such as town halls, conventions, review classes and seminars. You must submit an Affidavit of Attendance for every event to receive educational credits. 

Professional Level

Attend NARO sponsored events such as town halls, conventions, review classes and seminars. Many oil and gas related educational classes and educational events count towards some education credits for the CMM Program. You may submit credits retroactively up to five years prior at the time of your registration for the CMM Program. You also may use past oil and gas professional experience and current industry related certifications towards education credits. There are limitations so please see the CMM Policies and Procedures.

How do I earn the required Ethics Credit? 

  • All CMM participants can earn an Ethics credit by attending either NARO or non-NARO events in which Ethics is specifically mentioned in the program schedule.  
  • An Affidavit of Attendance must be submitted after the event as well as a copy of the event program. If you are unsure if an upcoming event qualifies for the Ethics credit you may submit the event program to, at least a week prior to the event date, for review. 
  • Starting in 2019, the NARO CMM Review Course includes a section on Ethics. Attending the CMM review and submitting an Affidavit of Attendance with the Ethics portion circled will fulfill this requirement. Some NARO state conventions will also offer a breakout session on Ethics. 
  • Outside of NARO, there are professions (CPAs and attorneys, to name a few) which require ethics training. Submitting an Affidavit of Attendance with documentation of recent Ethics related coursework, training, or seminars is another way to earn the Ethics credit. The American Association of Professional Landmen also offers ethics courses.

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How and where do I take CMM Exams?

Exams I & II for both levels are held at all of the state chapter conventions throughout the year, as well as at the National Convention in the fall. 

Exam III is only available once a year at the National Convention. 

To sit for a CMM Exam requires PRIOR registration with the CMM Registrar at the NARO National office. You are not required to pay for all exams up front however, you are required to register for the exams (and pay for them) prior to actually sitting for an exam. In order to sit for the final exam (Exam III), you are required to pre-register (and pay) for the exam AND must have completed and submitted all of the prerequisite education credits affiliated with your level of the Program (Professional or Associate).

What should I study before the exams? 

Study resources, including the CMM Review Manual, are listed on the program registration forms and also in the NARO Foundation Online Store 

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Can I sit for multiple exams at once?

You may elect to take exams I & II at one time. However, at most state NARO meetings, they have a single exam time. The time allotted for the exams is

usually 60 minutes. If you elect to take multiple exams (exams I & II) at a single sitting, you will be allotted 90 minutes, not 120. The National Convention does offer TWO exam times.

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What is the CMM Review Course?

The Review Course is an 8 hour educational course and the fee to attend is $150, plus the cost of the review manualIt is offered multiple times during the year to individuals participating in the CMM Program as exam preparation.

The Course is elective to the program, although most participants choose to attend at some point. This Course is 8 hours, generally from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can register to participate in the Course using the NARO CMM Program Registration Form located in the toolkit at the top of the page.

This course is also available for audit to those not currently enrolled in the CMM Program. 

HOWEVER, those that intend to audit this Course must still pre-register and pay the $150 fee to attend. Auditing this Course will not enroll you in Exams or any other aspect of the Program. Additionally, it does not include registration for any NARO Convention, or vice versa.

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