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Asked Questions

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What will I find on the NARO Message Board?

This custom group/category allows NARO members, and others interested in finding out more about NARO, to exchange information, see announcements of upcoming NARO events, follow legislative developments, and exchange ideas about our mutual interests as mineral and royalty owners.  In other words, a good place to have a conversation.

Is it free to participate?  Yes!

Do I have to be a member of NARO to read the message board content? 
No, but you do have to be a NARO member to start a new topic. Before a NARO Member can start a new topic you must be approved by the Moderators.  Email your name to to get approved.

How do I get started?
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It is easy to keep up with a specific topic you are interested in. Visit the “Getting Started” page at to see all the ways you can customize your alerts and use the message board.

Is it hard to use if you are not a regular on message boards?

If you are not “tech savvy” you will be pleased to know today’s platforms are much more user friendly than they were previously. You don’t have to have a high level of understanding to work with them, think FaceBook. 

How can I get assistance with the message board if I am having trouble?

Sure! Visit the Getting Started Page. for answers to their FAQ and guidance on working inside the forum.

Can I promote my business or event in the NARO Group/Category on Mineral Rights

No. Your message will be removed.  Sorry.  This message board is for education and conversation.  Only NARO events can be promoted on our board at the request of the MRF owner.

Can I renew my NARO Membership on the message board?

No, that has to be done on the NARO Website.  Visit our Join/Renew page or call our office, 800-558-0557

Can I call the NARO National Office for technical assistance with the message board?

The NARO staff can help with many things, but not technical assistance on the Message Board.  For that help visit the Getting Started page on the MRF site.  If you have a question not answered on the Getting Started page email the NARO Moderators at

How do I keep my posts private, or only seen by NARO members?
You can't.  The whole forum, including the NARO Group/Catagory is public on the world wide web.  If you don't want the general public to read it, don't post it.  

Can I privately message people on the message board?   Yes. You are able to "Personal Message" PM other participants on the message board.  However, all written text on the site, both publicly facing, and through the Personal Messaging system is subject to both human and programmatic observation by the site’s management.

Does NARO endorse or recommend the advertisers?
NARO is simply paying to use the MRF platform.  We have nothing to do with advertisers or events, other than our own branded NARO events.

Does NARO guarantee the advice and information I get on the message board?
No. As a public platform we cannot possibly vet every bit of information that is offered there.  Our moderators are volunteers for our organization.  They are very knowledgeable in mineral management, but it would be impossible for them to correct every statement that could be misinformation.  Please consult with a Certified Mineral Manager, attorney, landman, CPA, appraiser or other qualified professional that understands your specific situation before acting on information you get on the NARO message board.

Martha Barnes, CMM
MRF User Name M_Barnes


Wade Caldwell, Esq.
MRF User Name: Wade_Caldwell

Rick Howell, CMM
MRF User Name: Rick_Howell

Our moderators are NARO volunteers offering their time and talent to make this message board possible.  

NARO does not own, operate or regulate  Our staff does not have access to administrative functions on the platform.

Please Be Kind.

Please remember to be respectful to your fellow forum users, moderators and staff.  We want to make this a useful tool for information and education. 

Please do not post solicitations or information unrelated to mineral and royalty ownership.  Thanks!

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