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FaceBook & Twitter 101

  • 05/06/2014
  • 05/07/2014
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  • Have your children been bugging you to get a FaceBook page so you can see all the newest photos of the grandchildren? Have you been wondering why the pound sign pops up in the corner of the TV during primetime shows? Are you interested in dipping your toe in the very exciting, and extremely easy, social gathering place that the internet has become?!
    We’ll show you how!
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FaceBook 101 : May 6 at 6pm and May 7 at 9am
You will need an active email address to participate in this class. If you don’t have one, email addresses are free and do not require any private information to set up. We’d be glad to help you set one up. Call us! 1-800-558-0557 we’ll do it on the phone with you.
Our class will be a “webinar”. We will email you a link and a phone number to call when you RSVP for your class. Simply click that link and your computer screen will bring you to our conference call so you can see a live demonstration of FaceBook and understand how to use it. We will explain what FaceBook does, walk you through setting up an account and locating your friends and family (and NARO!) so you can see what they post each day. We promise you will love it!
RSVP for the time that works best for you on the NARO website so we can send you the conference link!

Twitter 101: May 6 at 12p and May 7 at 2pm
Again, an active email address is required. This class will also be a webinar. Twitter is one of the newest of the social media darlings that has soared in popularity because it allow direct communication between you and anyone with a Twitter account! Want to send President Obama a note? Through Twitter you can! Let us explain the differences between Twitter and FaceBook, walk you through setting up an account and finding people to “follow” on your account so you can read their posts and attached articles. Twitter is a great resource for finding topic specific news and comments from people you have an interest in, including company CEOs, reporters, oil and gas representatives, political names, NARO chapters and millions of regular people including your friends and family. You’ll be Tweeting in no time! #TimeToGetSocial #RSVPtoday #SeeYouThere.
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